WHEATLEY Experience
Curtainwall Design Issues


Our story began with the formation of Wheatley & Associates, Inc. in Houston, Texas in 1975. THE WHEATLEY COMPANIES (SM) have a substantial history in design for projects of many different types, including:

Urban Planning
Biological and Pharmaceutical Research Labs
Retail and Commercial
Hotel and Resort Planning and Design
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Power Plants
Oil & Gas Projects
Refinery Projects
Petrochemical Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Industrial Manufacturing Plants
Software Systems Development, Implementation and Integration
Military Technology and Construction
Airport, Rail and Transportation Projects
Microwave, Fibre Optic, Signal Transmission and Telecommunications Projects

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Construction and Business Projects

We are skilled project managers, having experience in planning business and construction projects and in constructing most project types. We consult for project management using the following structured approach:

Potential Problem Assessment, including Information Gathering and Testing
Project Planning
Technical Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
Design of the Construction or Business Project
Management Services to Implement the Project
Documentation and Analysis to Support Possible Litigation

We have experience in implementing most types of construction projects, and we have consulted in business projects as diverse as the following:

The reorganisation and restructuring of a software services firm
The restructuring of an airline
The formation of companies of various types
The development of international trades in petroleum, chemicals, metals and other resources
The entry of businesses into markets in cultures foreign to their history
The developing of reporting and tracking systems for project and business management.

Waterfront Development Planning
Design Remediation during Construction

Disputes and Claims

Unlike many of our competitors, we have earned our knowledge and our ability with contract and construction claims and disputes in the extensive, real-time, hands-on experience of our people in business management and in the design and execution of construction projects.

As a result, we obtain a significant portion of our work by referrals and repeat assignments from established clients. Our qualifications spring principally from our professional experience in business management, design and construction.

Construction, Contract Claims and Disputes Experience

We have broad experience in a number of different types of construction and contract claims and disputes. Together with our strategic partners and allies, we bring this experience to bear on current assignemnts for our clients.

Design Errors and Omissions
Water Infiltration Issues
Delay, Disruption, Acceleration
Labour Disruption and Inefficiency
Suspension, Termination of Contract
Bankruptcy and company restructuring
Environmental Issues
Business Disputes
Patent and Trade Mark Disputes
Differing Site Conditions
Changed Scope, Constructive Change, Cardinal Change
Quantity Surveys
Valuation of Damages
Valuation of Assets
Forensic Accounting
Product Failures, Product Liability
Structural Failures, Roof Collapses
Mechanical System Failures
Electrical System Failures
Control System Failures
Fire Control and Suppression Failures
Fire and Explosion Incidents
Military Procurement and Defence Systems
Business Interruption and Lost Profits
Real Estate Tax Valuation Issues
Due Diligence Investigations for Lenders, Insurers, and Sureties

Building Envelope Design Issues - II Prudential Plaza, Chicago
Building Envelope Design Issues - II Prudential Plaza, Chicago